A Passion For Pizza

The original since 1984

You deserve the best

We want you to know……

     that we realize that there are many choices for pizza and Italian food and that’s why we go the extra step and only use the best ingredients to prepare our food. We take pride in the fact that we don’t cut corners or portions as do many of our competitors. We owe our success to the many repeat customers of the last 31 years that understand the quality and value when choosing Louie’s Pizza for lunch or dinner.

When it’s time to make the dough.  It’s simple, we make it fresh in house with olive oil, and other natural ingredients, never additives or preservatives that are found in frozen pre-made dough.

Let’s talk tomatoes. Over the years we have received countless compliments about our sauce. Here’s the secret, we use a fresh pack California crushed tomato, meaning they are picked in-season ripe off the vine, we add our signature spices and that’s it. We don’t use tomato paste and add water to increase the yield as our competitors do.

Pizza cheeses are not created equal. We only use real whole milk mozzarella and Wisconsin cheddar. Imitation cheese and additives will never be used at Louie’s. In fact to make sure it’s real cheese we shred it fresh in house.

Is this a lot of work, you bet!!  Why do we do it, because we truly believe that

“You Deserve The Best”