Small                  Large

Cheese Pizza                                               $7.99               $10.99

Cheese Calzone                                          $7.99               $10.99

Gluten Free Pizza                                      $9.99

Extra-Cheese                                             $2.00                 $3.00
Add Toppings                                            $1.79ea             $2.49ea

Pepperoni          Onion             Garlic         Ricotta        Pineapple
Sausage              Pepper           Broccoli      Bacon          Meatball
Hamburg          Tomato           Spinach      Feta             Jalapenos
Ham                   Mushroom     Olive           Eggplant     Anchovies

AVAILABLE SAUCES                          DIPPING SAUCE  .99 each

No Charge for sauce substitutions        Ranch
Traditional Red                                      Bleu Cheese
Alfredo                                                   Marinara
White (garlic & herb)




Our Signature Pizzas & Calzones ​

Create Your Own Pizza or Calzone

                                              Small         Large
Louie’s Megatopper          $12.99    $16.99
Onions, green peppers, mushrooms,
pepperoni, sausage, hamburg.

Meatza Pizza          $12.99    $16.99
Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, hamburg.

Philly Steak & Cheese Pizza          $12.99     $18.99
Grilled steak, onions, peppers, mushrooms.

Very Vegetable          $12.99    $16.99
Onions, green peppers, mushrooms,
black olives, tomatoes & broccoli.

Pizza Spanako          $11.99    $15.99
Garlic & herb white sauce, pizza cheese, feta cheese, spinach.

BBQ Chicken          $12.99    $16.99
A traditional pizza topped with grilled chicken breast strips, then drizzled with BBQ sauce.

Pizza Bianca          $12.99    $16.99
Garlic and herb white sauce, parmesan cheese, ricotta, capers, tomatoes.

The Florentine          $14.99    $18.99
Prepared with a savory garlic and herb white sauce, spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, feta cheese, parmesan, bacon.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza          $13.99    $18.99
Prepared with bleu cheese dressing, grilled chicken topped with our pizza cheese blend then drizzled with our spicy buffalo sauce.

Hawaiian          $10.99    $14.99
Ham & pineapple.

Grilled Chicken Pizza          $12.99    $16.99
A traditional pizza with red sauce and pizza cheese topped with sliced
grilled strips of chicken.

Chicken Parmesan Calzone          $11.99  $18.99
Deep fried chicken tenders, marinara sauce, parmesan cheese and lots of

Philly Steak & Cheese Calzone         $12.99   $18.99
Grilled steak, onions, peppers and mushrooms stuffed in a calzone with lots of mozzarella, then baked to perfection.